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How it Works

  • A Credit Consultant will run your consumer credit reports - Soft credit inquiries will not affect or lower your credit scores.

  • We will break down your credit report and do a complete credit consultation.

  • Based on how many negative items we find that will determine how many months you will be on our program. Most clients average 2-6 months.

  • After creating your customized program, we will provide you with your secured client portal which enables you to track your progress.

      Electronically sign your agreement and upload the necessary documentation needed to get the best results.
      1. Driver's license, state-issued identification, or passport.

      2. Current utility bill for proof of address.

  • Within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the necessary documentation, your first round of disputes will go out on your behalf.

  • Each round round of disputes can take up to 45 days to complete and then you should be receiving written confirmation from the credit bureaus.

  • After your disputed time on our program expires we will run a new credit report to review your progress.